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PTFE Dental Floss

Because of its excellent non-stickiness, self-cleaning properties and excellent wear resistance, it is not easy to fluff, split, breed bacteria, hurt gums and not easy to be infected, so it is called "noble dental floss".
PTFE Fiber
PTFE Dental Floss
Product description

Product description

PTFE floss, with excellent abrasion resistance, not easy to fluff and split. Because PTFE floss has extremely stable chemical properties and strong acid and alkali resistance, it will not cause gum infection, and is very popular among users at home and abroad.

1. Gently touch the muscles of the gums, which can effectively prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease.

2. The appearance is extremely smooth, and it is easy to slide between the teeth.

3. Effectively remove foreign objects such as food residues between teeth and places that cannot be reached by toothbrushes,

4. Long-term placement will not cause bacterial infection.

PTFE Dental Floss

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