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PTFE High Frequency Basic Panel

High frequency is an inevitable trend in the development of the communication industry. Materials traditionally used in low-frequency communication circuits have been unable to meet the electrical performance requirements required for high-frequency communication. Accurate and stable dielectric constant (DK) and smaller dielectric loss (DF) are important foundations for the development of high-frequency communications. PTFE is a resin material with the lowest dielectric constant and dielectric loss coefficient. It has incomparable advantages in dielectric properties and is the best choice for high-frequency communication circuit materials.
PTFE High Frequency Basic Panel
Product description

prominent role

The company adopts the original PTFE 3D printing additive manufacturing film technology, and the film is directly laminated with copper foil to achieve stable, uniform and optimal dielectric properties of the material.

Technical indicators

project Specification
 Dielectric Constant 2.2 ~ 10.2±0.05
 Dielectric loss tangent 0.0007 ~ 0.004@10GHz
 Working Tempertature >260°C
 Thickness 0.16~ 2mm
 Peel strength >1.0N/mm
Thermal expansion coefficient(X、Y-CTE) <20ppm/°C ,Z-CTE: <40ppm/°C
 Water absorption rate <0.06%

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