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Founded in 2006,Shandong Senrong New Materials Co.,LTD is located in “China Membrane Valley"Shandong Zibo Dongyue Economic Development Zone.She is a downstream deep-processing enterprisethat extends Dongyue fluorine material industry chain. Senrong's main products are PTFE micro-porousmembrane, PTFE fiber and PTFE engineering plastics. Senrong is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientificresearch, production,management and foreign trade.Also Senrong is the governing unit of “MembraneIndustry Association of China” and “China fluorine plastic processing professional committe". Senrong ownsthe military industry qualification, Shandong enterprise technology center and ultra-filtration fiber technologycenter, and has been awarded "good product Shandong", "Shandong famous trademark", "Shandong smalland medium-sized enterprise development new economy demonstration unit", "Shandong invisible championcultivation enterprise", "Shandong industrialization and industrialization integration standard implementationpilot unit", "Shandong specialized new small and medium-sized enterprise""Shandong Province gazelleenterprise", "China fluorine plastic processing cutting-edge growth enterprise" and other honorary titles.15 years to sharpen the sword! At present,Senrong has developed into Chinese PTFE downstream deepprocessing scale, the strength of first-class enterprise!

Senrong is committed to the research and development of downstream deep processing of fluorinematerials. It has established industry university research cooperation platforms with Chinese Academyof Sciences,Sichuan University,Tianjin University, Jiaotong University, Shandong Science&TechnologyUniversity, Qingdao University and other universities,developed a variety of high-end products, owned 35patents and 15 inventions, and led the formulation of “PTFE Filament Yarn"."PTFE short staple fiber"and “PTFEcompounded membrane for face mask", total three Group Standards, which already filled lndustrial gapl.

Cultivate new opportunities in a crisis, and start a new game in a changing situation. During the epidemic, the company quickly resumed work and production under the correct leadership and help of the party committees and governments at all levels! Give full play to the advantages of its own membrane materials, with an unstoppable spirit and pioneering and innovative spirit, the company successfully developed and replaced PP melting in just three days and three nights. The spray-distributed and reusable PTFE nano-mask membrane material solves the urgent need for epidemic prevention and control and mask manufacturers who are hard to find a cloth! It demonstrates the responsibility of the enterprise and opens up a revolution in mask materials in the new era!

Don't forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind! Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the company will firmly grasp the two major resource advantages of China's Mogu Valley and Zibo Dongyue Economic Development Zone! To aim at the forefront, position at a high point, and break the monopoly , Substituting imports as our own responsibility! Aiming to become the second Gore in the world! Relying on 3D printing new technology to build a world-class membrane material R&D and production base, and make the enterprise due for the development of China's membrane processing country to a strong country contribute!


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