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IP68 Waterproof Breathable Membrane

The company's self-developed 3D printing PTFE additive manufacturing film technology ensures the uniformity of technical indicators such as film thickness, porosity, longitudinal and transverse tensile strength! It subverts the physical biaxial stretching process of Gore in the United States since the 1970s, and solves the disadvantage that its process is difficult to achieve uniformity! The success of 3D printing will change the downstream processing technology of all PTFE dispersion resins, and the combination of process flow, production line, factory model, and industrial chain will face deep adjustment! Materials such as sealing, insulation, filtration and other fields that are stuck by foreign countries will be completely broken or replaced by domestic products! Opened a revolution in the deep processing of PTFE! 3D printing technology will provide a full range of services tailored to customers!
IP68 Waterproof Breathable Membrane
Product description

Main effect


IP68 waterproof,dust prof,anti-oil,protection

Prevent condensation,fog,improve the service life of the product

Heat dissipation and balance differential pressure,improve integrity of the product

Long service life and trouble-free maintenance in extreme environments

Greatly reduces fog and dew formation

Reduce the stress of the housing sealing strip by balancing the pressure

Greatly reduces the electrical and inductance product failure caused by salt corrosion


Technical indicators



Air permeability

Water proof

Sound loss

High sound passing membrane

≥10000ml/ cm2/min/7KPA

no request

<1.0db (1kHz)

Shallow water membrane

≥5000m/ cm2/min/7KPA

3m water depth 30min

<1.5db (1kHz)

Deep water membrane


50 meters deep immersion for 10 minutes, continuous measurement for 5 rounds

<2db (1kHz)


Application field

PTFE Ip68 Film

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