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The surface of the polytetrafluoroethylene material has a spider web-like microporous structure, and has very complicated changes in the three-dimensional structure such as network connection, hole inserting, and hole bending, so it has an excellent surface filtering function. The nano mask produced by this material has the characteristics of high barrier efficiency, long service life, thin and breathable.

PTFE Ip68 Membrane
The PTFE ip68 film successfully developed by Shandong Senrong New Material Co., Ltd. uses 3D printing additive manufacturing technology to make the thickness, micropores, and vertical and horizontal strength of the film very uniform, subverting the US Gore. Since the 1970s, the physical two-way mechanical stretching process has been adopted. The biggest shortcoming of the process is that the uniformity is difficult to guarantee! The success of 3D printing will change the downstream processing technology of all PTFE dispersion resins. In the fields of military, aviation, aerospace and other fields, the sealing, insulating, and filtering materials used by foreign countries will be completely broken or replaced by domestic products!
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PTFE high strength membrane
It is used in the new energy industry to support and pass through the ions. It can also be used for supporting the use of hydrogen fuel cell membranes.
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PTFE Superfine Filament
The base fabric woven with ultra-fine filaments is used for the skeleton of the chlor-alkali ion membrane.
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PTFE filament Yarn
Good heat resistance ,chemical stability,high tensile strength,low shrinkage,excellent abrasion resistance characteristics, PTFE filaments are fiber-based,can be processed into various types of high- performance mesh,fabric,sewing thread,dental floss,membrane structures and other products.on to be used thanks to its superior performance.
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PTFE Needle Felt
Introduction PTFE needle felt is made by PTFE scrim and PTFE staple fiber. It can be processed into PTFE needle felt with membrane or PTFE impregnated needled felt by different after treatment, which is mainly used for making 100% PTFE filter bag apply to different working condition and requirement of filter fineness. 100% PTFE needle felt is used for the strong corrosivity, high temperature and high humidity working condition. At present, irs widely used in waste incineration, medical waste incineration and chemical industry.
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PTFE Scrim
Introduction PTFE scrim is made of PTFE filament fiber which have excellent textile performance. It is widely used in very corrosive application such as colafired power plant,cement plant,waste to energy etc, PTFE scrim has become the preferred option to be used thanks to its superior performance.
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PTFE nano membrane
PTFE nanofilm is prepared by one-way or two-way stretching method. The surface of PTFE nanofilm has spider web like microporous structure. In three-dimensional structure, it has very complex changes such as network connection, hole inlay, hole bending and so on. Therefore, it has excellent surface filtration function. The nano mask made of this material has the characteristics of high barrier efficiency, long service life, light weight and air permeability, which is a new direction of mask development in the future.
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PTFE Garment Membrane
Because the PTFE membrane has a structure of Multi-holes,and the diameter of the hole is much bigger than water vapor and much smaller than a water-drop. The PTFE membrane has character of extremely breathable, dust resistance, virus resistance, bacteria resistance,It's the optimum solution for who need to face extreme weather and tough condition safter belami nat ed with special fabrics , Suchas firefighter,enthusiasts. Medical protective clothing etc.
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PTFE electronic membrane
Widely used in lighting equipment , Electronic components, electronic products and other fields .
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PTFE ultra- filtration membrane
It is mainly used in chips, semiconductors, electronics and other very clean environments to play the role of air filtration. It belongs to a high-precision product. Its filtration accuracy can reach 99.9995% or more under the particle detection condition of 0.1 μ m, and it is divided into three levels: U15; U16; U17
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Insulated pipe casing for wire pipe for resist fluids,electric insulated parts used in high frequent conditions.
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Electric insulation,Anti-caustic Material& parts,Mechanical sealing and bridge bearing slide.
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Used for various frequencies of electrical insulation parts? corrosion environment work seals and lubricants,etc.
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PTFE Floss
Introduction l.Made from 100% ePTFE 2.Excellent wear resistance and no shredding 3.Gently stimulates gums and helps prevent gingivitis 4.Silky-smooth texture slide easily and comfortably between teeth 5.Effectively removes food particles and tough plaque from between teeth and just below the gum line.
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PTFE Staple fiber
Introduction PTFE Staple fiber with excellent stability,low shrinkage characteristics known,which is widely used in waste incineration power plant dust. Cement dust,building materials,steel and other fields. Technical Specification Depend on filter material's air permeability requirements, we could provide superfine fiber's density below 1D,and other fibers density 1.5-7D.
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