Talent Concept

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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

Looking for cutting-edge talents in the industry to cultivate new talents in technology research and development


Talent Strategy

Through cultural training, value shaping, mechanism incentives, work experience, etc., the company creates an inspiring and growth-promoting atmosphere, inspires employees' sense of professionalism, sense of responsibility, and mission, and leads them to explore the meaning of work and life, and are committed to At a higher level of spiritual sublimation, to achieve the pursuit of transcending personal interests.


The company advocates that everyone is a talent. As long as they agree with the company's philosophy, as long as they have professionalism and professional quality, as long as they can create performance, they are all company people and can become company talents.


Talent Development

Following the business philosophy of "all people-oriented, population-driven growth, respect for humanistic spirit, and improvement of people's lives", all the company's business activities exist for people to live better. This is the meaning of the company's work, life, and growth, and it is also the higher-level spiritual pursuit of the company.


The company strives to optimize the talent selection, training, use, and retention mechanism, emphasizes performance-oriented users, scientifically evaluates and selects people, trains people in all directions at multiple levels, and fully taps people's potential to make the best use of them.

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